Wednesday, 11 January 2017

AR-15, the terrorists weapon of choice (according to the Book of Hollywood)

It's not really, that honour befalls to the AK-47 for all sorts of reasons (cheap, hardy, available).

Hollywood however, thinks otherwise and wants movie go-ers to associate the AR-15 with terrorists, or at least "the enemy" or "bad guy/s".

How so?

Captain America: Civil War.

About 5 minutes into the opening sequence as some of the Avengers engage "The Terrorists" (attacking a subsidiary of the UN), Captain America makes an assessment of the situation after knocking a few heads together with the following;
Captain America: "Body armour, AR-15's"
He doesn't say; "Body armour ... assault rifles", " ... assault weapons", "... custom weapons", or some other fancy but generic term meaning 'high-tech weaponry'. (which would make more sense considering who they happen to be fighting - not an 'off-the-shelf combat unit).

No, the script writers have Captain America specifically say "AR-15's".


There's only one reason that oddly specific detail appears, especially when just about anything else, or nothing at all, would make just as much sense (the viewer only needs to understand the scenario as 'bad guys firing machine guns at good guys'), and that's as a 'subliminal', a not-so-subtle but intentionally placed message, in this instance one that reinforces the politicised narrative that "AR-15 is a weapon of terror", that "only bad guys use AR-15's", or more generally 'guns' are (a message that's more than a wink and nod to Obama's 'Town Hall' comments on keeping "assault weapons" out of criminals hands).

P.S. only caught this the second time round watching the movie.