Sunday, 24 July 2016


It's astonishing how many news outlets are actively and intentionally white-washing the Munich teenage "Ali Sonboly" by instead calling him "David S" (German press especially). It's a deliberate attempt to minimise what might otherwise be considered natural, if somewhat reflexive, assumptions about the boy based on his Arabic sounding name.

It's also an astonishing example of actual racism, of dehumanising, or perhaps de-culturalising the boy - a disavowal of his true name and cultural identity/roots, a kind of posthumous bullying similar to what he appears to have suffered at the hands of contemporaries when alive (the DailyMail suggest he was bullied by similarly ethnic individuals).

If ever there were a need to example the so-called progressive media caring more for narrative and issues rather than facts (individuals), this would be it.

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