Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Trump will never be President

With the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton openly admitting her running a private email server to conduct Public Office affairs was "grossly negligent" and "criminal" were it done by anyone else, her no being convicted of those crimes (and they are crimes), it means she's gotten off Scott-free.

Because of this, Trump will never be President.

Think about it.

If Trump were to be elected President what would he do first? Call for the criminal prosecution of everyone linked to things like Benghazi, Fast and Furious, 9/11, the dodgy Trade Deal with China, the list goes on. The Clinton's, and other Interests, wouldn't want that. So Headshot to Trump at or before his inauguration.

Alternatively, he does get elected, and he does call for prosecutions. Which results in a 'putsch' of sorts, a clearing of all the people whose actions and inactions caused all the troubles endemic to America today. If that happens Clinton, or someone else, may rise to power under the rationale of their being involved in a democratic counter-coup of the people, one press and media would be only too happy to get behind, resulting ultimately in Trump being removed from office, one way or the other.

Either outcome reveals the US political system being no better than a banana republic.

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