Thursday, 13 October 2016

Narrative over Facts Part Deux! (the flying chicken)

Sigh, okay, here's another one;

1995: Hillary delivers a historic speech in front of the UN, announcing: "human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights once and for all."
Contrasting claim
After becoming owner of the Miss Universe Organization, Trump says that he will make contestants' "bathing suits... smaller" and "heels... higher."
The first point to note on this particular comparison is the overt misandry on display; that Clintons "fight" for "women's rights" is not at all comparable to a beauty pageant. The comparison implies Trump is at least sexist, if not an outright misogynist, for his comments being seen to be an objectification of the contestants. And worse yet, that the contestants, by participating, were/are not the right kind of women, they're not women like Clinton, i.e., women that don't pander to men, making her 'fight' all the more difficult for other women.

A bit of a stretch perhaps, but the basic premise is there, not even implied, or to be read between the lines, that Miss Universe contestants do nothing to advance the cause of women's rights, whilst Clinton was/has/is/does [delete appropriate responses].

This is outright misandry as it denies the pageant participants their agency, their personhood, their ability to make individual choices, decisions, actions for themselves and by themselves, with their own goals and motivations. In essence the rhetoric denies the individualism of each womAn in favour of womEn.

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